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Hyper Duel XBOX

Download Name: Hyper Duel XBOX  

Category: Xbox (Original) XBOX Homebrew Games

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XBOX port of Hyper Duel.
To the gaming world at large, the now defunct Japanese videogame software developer Technosoft is by far best known for their sequence of scrolling shooters collectively known as the Thunder Force series. To a lesser extent, mainly in Real-time strategy circles, they have some notoriety for creating Herzog Zwei for the Sega Genesis; a game that in recent times has been credited for its significance influence on the now popular RTS genre.

Besides these footnotes, Technosoft's software library mainly consists of obscure titles, with few of them ever leaving Japanese shores. Several hidden gems can be found in this library. One in particular is a simultaneous two-player horizontal scrolling shooter, very much resembling its Thunder Force brethren, that was created during one of the rare moments Technosoft developed for the Arcade platform. 1993 saw the release of Hyper Duel, an overlooked, but excellent shooter in its own right, and a game that some even regard as superior to the Thunder Force games.

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Related Forum: Xbox Forum

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