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SensitiveX XBOX

Download Name: SensitiveX XBOX  

Category: Xbox (Original) XBOX Homebrew Games

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

A game by Jamie Fuller.

Main Menu
* Use Dpad Up/down to choose an Option
* Use Dpad Left/Right to Change an option value
* Press Start to Begin a New Game
* Press Y to view the credits

In Game
* Use Right Thumb Up/Down to Zoom in (only in 3d Mode)
* Use Left Thumb to Move player in that Direction.
* Use Dpad to Move player in that Direction
* Use A button to Use a teleport.
* Press 'Start' and 'Back' together to end a game and return to the main menu.
During Cut Sequences
Press A or Start to terminate
During Credits

Press 'Back' to return to the main menu.
Purpose of game
Get from the starting position to the Exit block destroying all blocks along the way, You may go over the animated blocks more than once, Teleporters will throw you around the level, One way blocks (blocks with solid lines running through them) will also thwart your journey. You must destroy all of the stripey Yellow blocks, including the animated ones before you can exit the level.

Each time you complete a level you will 'unlock' a new one, there are 60 levels in total, SensitiveX automatically remembers which levels you have unlocked, even after powering off your console. you can select any of the levels you have unlocked as your starting level,from the main menu.


1) Sometimes, doing nothing is actually the right thing to do.

2) Two step forwards and one step back, isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Its a simple premise, but a lot harder in practise. BTW I have personally completed EVERY level so DO NOT EMAIL ME TELLING ME YOU THINK A LEVEL IS NOT FINISHABLE.

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