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Rayman Origins - Nitro! ; Electoon Legend achievements

Download Name: Rayman Origins - Nitro! ; Electoon Legend achievements  

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am giving you my Rayman Origins save where you can get Electoon Legend and Nitro! achievements. Might unlock even more, but I haven't tested it. There was a partial save set, try to use that first and leave my save for the last, just in case of unlocking achievements in order.

Now, don't get mad, but I was playing on my Xbox One then used my X360 to download the save. For some reason, the save wasn't synced correctly through the cloud, so there are 3 speed trophies left to do. Come on, you can do it, I had to do all of them. I could do 2 of them again and leave just the 1, but I really don't want to play this game ever again, doing the speed trophies broke me. I did all of this myself without using somebody else's savefile.

If somebody uses my save and uploads it again with just 1 speed trophy left, go for it.

Electoon Legend
- simply complete Freaking Flipper (2spots to the right where you start) within time limit, preferably with speed trophy too, since you are going for that achievement too

- beat speed limit in these levels:

Swimming with Stars (where you start)
Freaking Flipper (2 spots to the right where you start)
Crazy Bouncing - Desert of Dijiridoos world
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