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[EU] Borderlands 3 - 20 Side Missions + Nekrotafeyo Location Trophy

Download Name: [EU] Borderlands 3 - 20 Side Missions + Nekrotafeyo Location Trophy  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: xTheSolutionNOT

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA08025

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Item description:

turn in the current mission and you'll get this trophy

À La Carte
Complete 20 Side Missions.

after that you need to accept the new mission called "Bad Vibrations" from the same guy, unfortunatly you have to
do the mission cause it will unlock the last location in Nekrotafeyo. Follow the mission until you get to the point
where you have to blow up a wall (here is a video guide for the mission if you need any help [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] . Jump down the hole and you'll get

Exoarchaeolo—You Get the Gist
Discover all named locations on Nekrotafeyo.

also in the same location is the last eridian slab. Activate it and you'll get this trophy

Tales From The Eridian Slab
Decipher all of the Eridian Slabs.

If you don't get it, then fast travel to Sanctuary and in Tannis room you'll find another eridian slab (which normally isn't needed cause it does nothing
but for some reason it'll give you the trophy), activate it a few times until the trophy pops.

Now fast travel to Devil's Razor in Pandora. Here you can kill the last Target for Zer0 and the last Target for Hammerlock. I made pictures for these 2 locations.

And if you go to sanctuary and use a golden key on the Golden Chest you'll get this trophy

Stay Golden
Use a Golden Key.

20 Side Missions + Nekrotafeyo Location Trophy + Hammerlock Hunt + Zer0s Target + Eridian Slabs + Stay Golden
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