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Download Name: REminiscence  

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Submitted By: Sean

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This port is my first trial at OpenSource development, SDL programing and generally speaking Linux. While rather an impressive game all the credit should go to cyx (Gregory Montoir) for his great work on REminiscence, because this "port" is merely just a simple recompile with a few settings altered.

Game data:

Flashback is not a free game, to be able to play it with this new engine you need the game data. This port should support all the file format supported by Cyx's REminiscence.

* Required data:
The PC game data, both the DOS and the CD-ROM version are supported (in my opinion vector graphics looks better than the video of the CD-ROM version).

*optional datas:
The Amiga mod files can be added to get music during the cinematics.
The SegaCD speech file (voice.vce) for in game speech.


REminiscence by default will create a folder for the data and the savefile
if it did not exist before. Thus you can either:
- copy the opk on the GCW0
- run the opk once.
- copy the datafile in "/usr/local/home/.REminiscence/data"
- start the opk again and enjoy the game.
- copy the opk on the GCW0
- create the folder and copy the datafile in "/usr/local/home/.REminiscence/data"
- start the opk again and enjoy the game.

Key Mapping:
This port offer two different key mappings, here the default key mapping (typeA):
Arrow Keys move Conrad
A use the current inventory object
B talk / use / run / shoot
X draw gun
Y display the inventory
Start display the options

and here is the second mapping (typeB):
Arrow Keys move Conrad
A draw gun
B use the current inventory object
X talk / use / run / shoot
Y display the inventory
Start display the options

you can change the mapping used from the game main menu, in the "info" submenu.

- Gregory Montoir of course and all the people who helped him with the original REminiscence.
- Hi-Ban who provided some great icon to replace the copyright infringing icon I had before.
- all GCW0 team for their nice toolchain, their testing done, the GCW0 itself and the nice
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Related Forum: Gaming Discussion

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