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Cop Spawner Add-on to Actor Spawner

Download Name: Cop Spawner Add-on to Actor Spawner  

Category: PC Game Mods GTA: San Andreas Mods

Submitted By: Ahri

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Item description:

The cops that you spawn will drive normally, if any gangs are shooting or damaging the car they'll go after them. Within spawned actors that's shooting ambient cops from streets just ignore it or flee away.

So this mod will kill any mission gangs, try spawning cops in DYOM missions while your playing a mission.

To use this just press F7+F8 to spawn them. In case if there stuck while driving to target, clipping other cars, or too many cops in this area, just press F5+BACKSPACE to clear all the cops.

Red marker will display the cops beside ambient. The cops will automatically disappear when there going too far away from player. (Due to crashes after the cops when off the area not map rendered) However they'll can drive anywhere if it's custom mission version.

Things it can do

-Cops will automatically chase when you have at least one star

-Cops will chase Player 2 when he shoots (When 2nd player active in either 2-player mission or spawn 2nd player)

-Cops have 4 types of weapons, pistol, desert eagle, shotgun and rifle

-Cops are tougher and has 1500HP and un-headshotable

The only iusses is

-Police car just turn on sirens and drive by itself whenever player and gangs are shoots at the same time or peds hit the police car (Which is funny though when their trying get to this vehicle)

Download actor spawner and use it along with cops spawning [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: PC Gaming Forum

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