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138Menu L4: Includes Vita File Explorer

Download Name: 138Menu L4: Includes Vita File Explorer  

Category: PC Gaming

Submitted By: Brigand

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Item description:

Want a snazzy and functional homebrew menu for Vita's VHBL? Look no further than 138Menu!

138Menu is a specialized homebrew installer for PS Vita as designed by GBOT. Simply copy and replace these files into your exploit save, and enjoy the benefits of a nice-looking and functional launcher menu. Getting emulators running has never been easier, and major changes are also included in this L4 build as well. Instead of installing PSPFiler, this update includes its own file explorer. Whether you have some stray files stuck in the PSP emulator or just need to install more ROMs, this new addition to the suite can get the job done. See more info below!

L4 Changes:
- Added explorer.
- Progress screen added. You will see it when installing/copying/moving files.
- OSK changed a bit.
- Improved stability.

L3 Changes
- Added a "Theme" feature in the settings category, place all your .138 theme files in the menu folder.
NOTE: DATA.138 must be in the folder, even if you are not using it; otherwise the menu will NOT start.

- Added a "Background" feature to swap between the different PNG files in the folder (files starting with
"ICON" are excluded)

- TN version included, which doesn't run backups at the moment in TN-V (TN-C and lower versions should run fine).

- Installing screen improved, now it lists the file with its size and progress percentage.

- Now font files come included in the Theme packages, if a theme doesn't have a font file then the default
font inside DATA.138 will be loaded. No need for LTN9.PGF file anymore :)

- More protection added, so you don't delete the menu folder if you try to delete an Installer placed there,
Only the file INSTALL.ZIP in that folder will be deleted if that was the case.
- Now you need to confirm the message when you want to restore the default settings.
- CEF version will now list the apps in the following order: ISOs > PSN > PSX > HOMEBREW
- CEF version will now list all the ISOs placed in the menu folder.
- Fixed a bug that prevented overwriting some folders when installing homebrew.
- Fixed a bug that listed PSX games in the VHBL version.
- Fixed minor OSK glitches.
- Fixed some graphical glitches.

L3 f1 Changes:

- Fixed a bug that crashed the menu when installing a 0 bytes file.

L3 f2 Changes:
- Italian language by Franzes added
- Now you can enter the DEBUG LOAD mode by holding R when the menu starts to see what files are being processed
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: PC Gaming Forum

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