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Vita Music.prx: Play Songs While Playing Games

Download Name: Vita Music.prx: Play Songs While Playing Games  

Category: PC Gaming

Submitted By: Brigand

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Item description:

Want to listen to tunes while running eCFW? Check out this nifty plugin port!

Music.prx was originally made by PSP developer Cpasjuste, but it has since been ported by ErikPshat. Essentially what it does is allow you to play audio files in the background while using any part of TN-V. Whether you're playing homebrew, a PSP backup, or a soundless PSP EBOOT, this tiny file is here to help. Below you'll find a full installation guide to help put it use. Hotkeys for the player can be found here, and a demo video is here!

Made by Cpasjuste, ported by ErikPshat.

Supported formats: mp3, at3, aa3, oma, omg

Info: This is plugin for playing music that is stored on your memory card in XMB, games, homebrews, and in POPS. The original music.prx was complied directly for 3.02 ОЕ/3.52 M33-2, later ported to 3.90, anyway it was semi-compatiable with 6.60 somehow, but some functionality wasn't work right. A few days ago this plugin was rebuilded and fully ported to 6.60. One of the new features is "in game mute" - now works for psp/minis games on vita/psp!


Some games/homebrews/pops may not work with any version of the music.prx,
there is some reason for that like homebrews, that using MediaEngine (ME).
Most pops and games that i was tested - works just fine on vita.
Music file names must be only latin/roman script characters, don't use too long names too.
Be very careful of using music.prx with TN save state and screenshot plugins together in one time, also don't use it in XMB of TN-V.

Installation and using:

2. Copy the P_MP3.ZIP to your exploited savedata and copy that to your Vita;
3. When launching the exploit, hold the R trigger;
4. Go to Plugins > Plugin Installer and install the zip;
/ or you can use FTP /
5. Put music in ps vita music application like always with CMA (outside of TN-V);
6. Start GAME/POPS/HOMEBREW and read "controls" spoiler.

Where i can get the music for my ps1 %game_name%?
Well, there is about ~three main formats of ps1 music.
1. CD-DA music, you can extract wav from your iso with CDmage, then to mp3
2. stream music files inside of game files/under archive encryption/ect.
this one is not simple like CD-DA, sometimes easy, sometimes extremely hard to extract,
actually you can record music/sound what you need with pc emu for example
3. tracker music or PSF
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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