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Sacred 2 Save editor with unlock niob

Download Name: Sacred 2 Save editor with unlock niob  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Save Editors & Tools

Submitted By: Ahri

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Item description:

here's my version of a sacred 2 save editor gamer tags Gmork666 thats what i put on the editor i still try n collect all the sets so if you want to play just hit me up

lets you add skill points ,attribute points

change your lvl to 199 with just 10 xp left to reach 200 (so you feel like you accomplished something J/K)

you can add gold but here's the catch you have to have only 25 gold it gives you 999999999 so if you dont have that much you can just give what you have to someone on line or start a new campaign in silver and make a run to the first small town you should be able to get it by then

to use the unlock niob start a campaign in silver or existing silver because the search string looks for that
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Related Forum: Xbox Forum

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