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Sonic Adventure 1 editor

Download Name: Sonic Adventure 1 editor  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Arcade Saves & Tools

Submitted By: Ahri

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This is a simple Sonic Adventure 1 editor. It's the only editor that edits the emblem count, and one of the few editors that edits the lives of each character (including Super Sonic). I coded this simple editor from the research Renegade and I threw together for the eventual release of his AIO Sonic Editor. All in all, this is just a taste of what the final AIO version will do!

With all the emblems, you can easily unlock Metal Sonic from the DX DLC. Also, the more emblems you have, the more goods you can buy for your chao at the black market, which the ring editor will allow you to make the most of.

Unlocking all optional power-ups is still being tested. The optional power-ups technically count as story events, but they can (supposedly) be experienced at any point in the story without conflicting with other events. Most events are locked into a very specific order and will cause issues with the game if experienced out of that order (which is why necessary power-ups aren't included), and the optional power-ups are programmed the same way. Because of this, I can't say for absolute certain if unlocking them all will hurt the game. So before using this tool, make sure to back up your save. If you experience any problems with the game after unlocking all optional power-ups (Emerald Coast being locked for Sonic is a common example), then please post the issue in this thread and I'll do my best to fix it. I no longer have the source code for this editor, so I will not be making any updates to it. Unfortunately, this means that all bugs are final. Please remember to back up your save and to mod responsibly.
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Related Forum: Xbox Forum

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