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Oblivion (Ultimate Modded Save)

Download Name: Oblivion (Ultimate Modded Save)  

Category: Xbox 360 Modded & Fun Saves

Author: Dark

Submitted By: Dark

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File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

Starting Point : Sewers Gate
Quest Complete : 0
Character Level : 1
Weapons/Armor : The are a couple "Uber" weapons and armor along with some normal equiptment (Goldbrand, Saguine Rose, Staff Of Worms, Skull Of Corruption, etc...) There is also the one armor eveyone wants, the mythic dawn armor.
Misc Items : There are a couple hundred Oghma Infinium (used to raise stats and skills), the Skeletong key, Auzura's Star, Alot of filled Black Soul Gems
Gold : Over 9million

There are several combinations of armor to make you, run extremely fast, jump extremely high, become 100% chameleon, Walk on water, Feather up to 20K, etc...

Any item that you feel is un-neccessary or un-wanted, feel free to drop it on the ground and continue with the game.

NOTE: This is not a (.rar) I have added the extension (.rar) to the end of the file, in order to upload. To fix this just, goto folder options and uncheck hide all file extensions. then remove the (.rar) extension from the file name, resign to you profile and device, then transfer and play.
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Zedge_The_Pro **** u **** you always do a ziped file no one uses rar!!!!!!

Funny because its so untrue.


**** u **** you always do a ziped file no one uses rar!!!!!!


whenever i downloadit winrar says there is no archive and will not let me extract, like wtf


nvm got it ^.^


i cant get it out of Rar...... :(


Okay, so i have got the file out of the .RAR and now its just an ordinary file, but when i put it on my usb thumb drive and plug it in the ps3 it says there are no files, what do i do? it is not a special thumb drive and it hasn't been modified for the play station, because i don't know if i need to modify it or how to do that, should i buy a new drive? please help!!!


Is this for xbox 360 or ps3?