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Perfect Starter Save + Trainer (Scarface - The World Is Yours - Game

Download Name: Perfect Starter Save + Trainer (Scarface - The World Is Yours - Game Version 1.002)  

Category: PC Gaming PC Game Saves

Author: Prohibition_Era

Submitted By: Prohibition_Era

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Version: 1.0

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Item description:

So you wish to take down Alejandro Sosa and take over his empire as your own while owning everything from weapons to vehicles to henchmen to mansion items right from the very start of the game? You got it! This save file does exactly that and more!


- Current mission is to take over your 1st property; Pedro's Pawnshop. This happens directly after your mission in La Normande Hotel where you invade it in hopes to kill Gaspar Gomez but instead killing his chief of security and stealing an armored truck filled with money. You then lead the truck to a bank where you deposit that money as your own, in which you do so by setting up a new bank account with your old friend Jerry.

- Your reputation level is level 8, which is the maximum level.

- You own everything in the EXOTICS Menu.

- All drug suppliers unlocked.

- All weapons owned, fully upgraded and fully stocked in your Weapons Locker. You carry the maximum number of copies for each and every weapon (which is 9 copies, like for example, you own 9 copies of the shotgun, 9 copies of the Micro SMG etc.) and you have the maximum number of ammo clips for each and every weapon as well.

- Money (Bank) - $999,999,999 , Money (Dirty Pocket Money) = $0

- Drugs (in grams) - 999,999,999 g

- The weapons you are currently carrying are the Deagle, M16 w/ Grenade Launcher attachment, Sniper Rifle, and the Quadruple-Barreled Rocket Launcher. These are the most useful weapons in any situation across all missions in the game (and yes I would know; I finished this game multiple times already you see).

- Successfully talked to Sheffield and the Vice duo (which only makes an appearance at the start of the game in a sense that this is the only time you can talk to them. Once they are gone, you will never be able to talk to them in person ever again) and all your henchmen (the kind of henchmen that follows you around when you request for a car/boat or like the ones guarding your mansion). I also talked to everyone inside the La Normande Hotel, especially in the upper floor that is only accessible during the mission where you have to kill Gaspar Gomez's chief of security.

- The mansion's design is the default look; it's just that I had it repaired. I didn't design the mansion in any way through the "Pimp My Mansion" feature. I did this in order to give you the freedom to design it on your own way.


- INFINITE HEALTH (enemies carrying chainsaws can still kill you. Avoid and kill them quickly. Your safest bet would be to kill them while activating Blind Rage mode. This is especially useful and important when you are taking over the turf by taking out the gangs).
- NO ENEMY ATTACK (enemies will never shoot at you but will still melee you when you go near them. In other words, avoid and quickly kill the enemies carrying chainsaws).
- INFINITE CASH (doesn't work apparently so never use this. Also, why would you need this when you own everything already and your money is maxed out?)
- ONE HIT KILL (don't use this. Not only does it kill the fun of the game but it's also because it's pointless since your weapons can mostly kill everyone in 1-2 shots)
- COP STATUS SYSTEM (doesn't work apparently so never use this.)
- INFINITE RAGE (you never run out of Balls and it's always full.)
- SAVE/RESTORE SYS (never use this. It'll just crash your game).
- INFINITE CAR ENERGY (makes the car/boat you are currently riding in indestructible. Enemy vehicles/boats and other vehicles/boats except yours can still be destroyed.
- STOP ALL TRAFFIC (never use this. It'll just crash your game.)


1. Download the file and extract it. You will now see 2 files; "Scarface 1" and "Trainer (Game Version 1.002)".

2. Place the "Scarface 1" directly into your game directory. For reference, this is also where your "scarface.exe" file can be found so place the downloaded "Scarface 1" file there along with the "scarface.exe" file.

3. To use the trainer, extract the "Trainer (Game Version 1.002)". You will now see a file named "chsf12trn.exe". Run this trainer as administrator every time. Run this BEFORE opening up your Scarface game.

4. ENJOY! :)
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