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Severed Arm

Download Name: Severed Arm  

Category: PC Game Mods Half Life Mods

Author: David

Submitted By: Craig

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Item description:

[Severed Arm -Crow bar Replacement- for Half Life]

Model Name : Severed Arm

Installation : Unzip with the directory structure intact into your Half Life directory or install all the files as following.
v_crowbar.mdl, p_crowbar.mdl, w_crowbar.mdl ..half-lifevalvemodels
cbar_hit1.wav, cbar_hit2.wav ..half-lifevalvesoundweapons
320hud1.spr, 640hud1.spr, 640hud4.spr ..half-lifevalvesprites

Author : David "DEfusion" Spurr

Email Address : dave @
DEfusion @

Web Page URL : [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Time taken : ?? (can't remember) hours
Date : 8th November 1999

v_crowbar Polygons : 852
w_crowbar Polygons : 152
p_crowbar Polygons : 152


This is my second attempt at any modelling for any game and my very first weapon model.

This release includes:
All the model file replacements for the Crowbar to a Severed Arm complete with re-newed animations with extra bones for the fingers to make them look limp. Unfortunatly the animations are a bit too fast to see this in too much detail, but it's all there. The idle animations show off the extra bones to the best degree, but I found out after doing them that the game doesn't use them (anyone who knows why and how to mend this please contact me).
Updated hit sounds for the crowbar to remove the metal on metal sound when hitting metal, obvioulsy, I edited and used some of the valve sounds from different models and different states to give it a more sqwelchy fleshy sound when hitting solid objects, so thats my disclaimer the sounds arn't mine, just valves sounds messed around with - poorly.
Updated HUD sprites to replace the crowbar pickup and selection pictures with a picture of the Severed Arm, so that it fits in more with the whole feel of the Severed Arm weapon.
I don't love these animations and sounds but they work, they arn't as good as I wanted them to be but I think I'm limited to the frame lengths of the original Valve animations.... I think, as when I did longer ones they'd stop mid way... which was mended when reducing them to the lengths of the original Valve animations, so there.. sorry, and as I've said the idle animations (which show off the limp fingers the best, don't work in the game for the both the original crowbar or any replacements, but you can see my work in a modelviewer =)

[Legal Info]

Please do not use this model for purposes other than as a player-model (ie. for conversions, whatever) or alter the model and textures without writtern permission of me.
Do not distribute the zip file without all the files there and fully intact.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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