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Ruined Dragon

Download Name: Ruined Dragon  

Category: Nintendo Wii & Wii U Super Smash Bros Skins

Submitted By: Craig

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Item description:

"So..... tired......"

The Ruined Dragon, terror of Crumbleden, appears! He's gotten considerably smaller and a little fatter so he could take the place of a Charizard slot!

The proportions are a little bit butchered. I hadn't anticipated they'd be built this differently. I'd actually almost given up on Ruined Dragon. But I tried harder, one last time, and made him work!

Only problem with him is the tip of his tail is just a tiny bit funny. That's how the rotations are made, sadly.

The legs and tail are actually VERY low-poly, thankfully it's a little bit obfuscated by his normal map.

I'm surprised at how fast I've managed to port this guy considering how long I've waited to get ahold of his model. lol. His textures were reduced to about half their original size and he has been heavily optimized to make sure he loaded in-game.

Has the following:
-Normal maps
-Metal model
-Rigged lower jaw.
-Speculars on crown and scales.

Sadly, Ruined Dragon does not have expressions. I'm hoping he will be my only expressions-less import, ever. But I hope the rigged jaw will make up for it due to how it moves rather often. That's because I shaved off over half his polys to make him work in the first place. From 65.000 + polys to a little over 25.000. Expressions would just bring the size right back up.
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Related Forum: Gaming Discussion

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