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Cynthia Colored Rosalina

Download Name: Cynthia Colored Rosalina  

Category: Nintendo Wii & U Super Smash Bros Skins

Submitted By: Craig

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After seeing CynthiaXY1800's Cynthia colored Zelda, I realized that Rosalina has yet to receive a recolor that's based on Cynthia. For those who don't know, Cynthia is the Sinnoh League champion in the Pokémon series, and her main Pokémon is Garchomp.

Anyway, this recolor references Cynthia by changing the colors of Rosalina's dress so that they match that of Cynthia's outfit. Modifying the textures was simple enough, but the real challenge was modifying the shading for Rosalina's model.

I used c00 and l00 as the base, and it took me a large amount of hours to properly change the shading for all of the dress polygons. I had to do this for the 8-player Smash model as well, so that this hack could be used in any game mode.

This texture hack does not replace any of Rosalina's default 8 color slots. It instead, uses its own color slot, which is the 11th color slot (c10 and l10). To use this texture hack, you need to edit a file named ui_character_db.bin.

ui_character_db.bin can be found in the following directory...


To edit ui_character_db.bin, you will need a parameter editing tool. You must then look for Entry[37] inside Group[1]; that entry is for Rosalina.

Name 7 is the amount of color slots that Rosalina has. Names 21 through 52 consist of values ranging from 0 or 1. In Rosalina's case, all color slots that are being used need to have their name value set to 1; 0 is used for unused color slots.

21 + 37 = color slot 1
22 + 38 = color slot 2
23 + 39 = color slot 3
24 + 40 = color slot 4
25 + 41 = color slot 5
26 + 42 = color slot 6
27 + 43 = color slot 7
28 + 44 = color slot 8
29 + 45 = color slot 9
30 + 46 = color slot 10
31 + 47 = color slot 11
32 + 48 = color slot 12
33 + 49 = color slot 13
34 + 50 = color slot 14
35 + 51 = color slot 15
36 + 52 = color slot 16

After making the changes to ui_character_db.bin, make sure that you implement it onto ALL the language folders so that the changes are applied for any language you're using.

Lastly, when using Sm4shExplorer to pack your mod, you will have to make sure that the extra color slot folders that are inside the following directory are set to be packed.


Custom portraits and a custom stock icon are also included, and they will be packed for you when the mod is created.

Credits go to RandomTBush for his 3ds Max script, as his script really helped me with properly changing the texture IDs for Rosalina's models. The download does include a text document, which tells you this texture's texture IDs for the "body" model.
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