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iHc Class Tool 1.1

Download Name: iHc Class Tool 1.1  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Author: iHc James

Submitted By: Fanboy

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iHc Class Tool v0.1
Made by iHcJames -

Used to edit your classes without limitations.

How To Use:
Log in to Call of Duty: ELITE
(It's best to close all other web pages while you do this)
Launch up iHc Class Tool and navigate to any Call of Duty: ELITE page.
NOTE: You only need to the following part once
Click Start
Navigate to any Call of Duty: ELITE page
You will get an SSL Cert warning, click proceed anyway
(The message depends on your browser - Just proceed)
Click Stop

Navigate to the Black Ops 2 Custom Class Page
Make any changes so you are able to "Send Changes to Game"
Click Start
Click "Send Changes to Game" on the website
Now a new window will appear - here you can edit the data being sent
Make your changes
Click save then click Stop.

Now mess around with crazy modded classes!

I am getting an error while launching/running the program!
Please notify me of any errors and I will get them fixed asap

How the hell do I edit that stuff?
I will be making tutorials soon on

My Internet has stopped working because I lazily closed the program
Go to Windows Internet Properties
Click the Connections tab
Click the LAN settings button
Untick "Use a proxy server for your LAN ......" Hit OK
Hit OK And it will work again.

COD ELITE Fails to send every time I edit it
This is because your browser isn't allowing the tampered cert.
Simply navigate to any elite page while you have iHc Class Tool started.
And click proceed anyway to the warning message you get!
Now it will work.

The class doesn't work on my console
You have made the class too epic (too many points)
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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i cant send my class please help me thanks


Doesn't work, shame.. seemed cool ):


I edited all my classes and I saved and I went on black ops 2 and non of my classes showed up


what are coding names for the DLC camo's


i did all this fine but how do u get the camos?


and i out the camo diamond but it shows up with no color


it says opening basic editor but its not opening anything!


after am done editing i click submit but the editor keeps popping back up and i cant get it to stop doing that help pls


whats the best browser to do this on just having trouble on firefox thanks :)


Si_Ownzz can u get in trouble for this tool?

its a modifactaion to the game so yes you can get in trouble