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DaedalusX64 Alpha Rev 580 16-Bit

Download Name: DaedalusX64 Alpha Rev 580 16-Bit  

Category: PSP & PS Vita PSP Emulators

Submitted By: Craig

Date Added:

File Size: 1.71 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

The DaedalusX64 team has released a new version of their ever-popular Nintendo 64 emulator for the PlayStation Portable, DaedalusX64.Changelogs:

Revision 580

[+] Missing heart is back, map arrows shows and also hud clock works in OOT & MM
[+] Even faster texture check for OOT and MK64 using u32 hash instead of u8
Note PSPRenderer.cpp now has a wire-frame mode in a #define at the top

Revision 579

[~] Forgot this..

Revision 578

[!] Fixed freeze point when entering the menu in Excitebike 64
[+] Moved Viewport code into its own class to clean code abit
[~] Removed SetNewVertexInfoVFPU_No_Light (no longer needed)
[+] Added a hack to fix scissoring issues in Golden Eye (U)
[+] Fixed gaps in Golden Eye (E) (Corn)
[!] Improved DLParser_RDPHalf1_GoldenEye
[+] Added a check to remove unnecessary texrects (fixes John Romero's Daikatana and other games)
[+] Avoid unnecessary loads in DLParser_FillRect

Revision 577

[~]Fixed compiler warnings
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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