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DaedalusX64 SVN r727

Download Name: DaedalusX64 SVN r727  

Category: PSP & PS Vita PSP Emulators

Submitted By: Craig

Date Added:

File Size: 2.30 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

The DaedalusX64 team has published the latest build of their Nintendo 64 emulator project for the PlayStation Portable. Now on revision 727, the latest update of the emulator includes the following features and enhancements:


Revision 727

[!] Reverted changes from CodeGenPSP (it wasn't meant to be committed yet)

Revision 726

[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 363 - Salvy

[!] inlined GetChunkStartAddress and AddressToChunkMapIndex (saving ~20 ops)
[!] Made ContainsAddress debug only

Rev 364 - Salvy

[+] Added QuickWrite_Long/QuickRead_Long (these are usually 50% faster when the compiler isn't able to optimize Read64Bits/Write64Bits, mostly happens when we need to combine two FPU registers into one long )
[!] Use QuickRead_Long for LDC1 (~24 ops)

Rev 365 - Salvy

[!] Revert previous commit, need to test further

Rev 366 - Corn

[+] Started work on DKR/JFG custom ucodes (WIP)

Rev 367 - Corn

[+] Fixes to polygons in Jet Force
[+] Fixed polygon clipping DKR/Jet force

Rev 368 - Corn

[!] Some additional fixes to DKR/Gemini

Rev 369 - Corn

[+] WIP on for rendering Perfect Dark
[!] Some optimizations in the rendering pipelines

Rev 370 - Corn

[!] Updates to PD rendering pipeline
[!] Some minor updates (TEXGEN) to other rendering pipelines

Rev 371 - Corn

[!] some minor tweaks in the rendering pipelines (DKR/PD/Conker)

Rev 372 - Corn

[!] Fixed Debug Dlist bug (crash in DKR)
[!] Alloc corrected meaning of video memory errors
[!] Added info to take picture or resume game in Debug Dlist menu

Rev 373 - Salvy

[!] Fixed static in textures in DKR/Mickey/JetForce Gemini
[!] Simplified DLInMem (heavily used by DKR)
[!] Fixed bug in ucode cache that was breaking menu in SSV
[+] Added blendmode for Mountains in Majora's Mask (thx chito for reporting it)

Rev 374 - Corn

[!] Fixed texture loading for JFG and Mickey
[!] Some small optimizations to BranchZ/TestVerts/FlushTris/AddTris
[!] Fixed some debug output status texts

Rev 375 - Corn

[!] This time it seems as if BranchZ really works for OOT & MM (more work is needed for proper function in Aerogauge and Penny racers)
[!] Remove custom back culling for DKR (use normal)

Rev 376 - Corn

[!] Optimized SimulateDouble and updated roms.ini

Rev 377 - Bdacanay

[+] Added cheats to most N64 games.
[+] Added some blends for DKR

Rev 378 - Salvy

[!] Optimized and simplified DKR/JFG's Mtx ucode

Rev 379 - Corn

[!] Some additional fixes to DLParser_Mtx_DKR()
[!] Rewrite CPU version of SetNewVertexInfo() to look more consistent(and faster)

Rev 380 - Corn

[!] Disable Simulate doubles for conker
[!] Fixed various debug output for DKR/PD
[!] Optimized standard CPU rendering a bit more

Rev 381 - Salvy

[!] Increase number of cheat slots per ROM to 16 (since we have plenty of memory now to allocate cheats)
[+] Added a very basic scroller for cheat list (needs work!)

Rev 382 - Salvy

[!] Truncate any excess of cheats to avoid wasting memory

Rev 383 - Salvy

[!] Reverted changes to Patch_memcpy from B3 Update (was breaking SpiderMan, thx chito for reporting it)

Rev 384 - Salvy

[!] Bring back changes to Patch_memcpy
[!] Check if len==0(NOP!) in Patch_memcpy (fixes SpiderMan)

Rev 385 - Salvy

[!] Fixed a blendmode for Majora's Mask
[-] Removed RDP_EMULATE_TMEM option (It only slowed down and never helped any game, also added more logic to our code)
[!] Avoid setting Tile/TileSize twice
[!] Simplified parameters for SetTile/SetTileSize
[!] Simplified setting pitch tile

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