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Daedalus R6 (Version 1.5)

Download Name: Daedalus R6 (Version 1.5)  

Category: PSP & PS Vita PSP Emulators

Submitted By: Craig

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Daedalus R6 Version 1.5------------------------------------------After the oh-so-many updates we have given you about speed improvement, graphical fixes, and its release date, finally the much-awaited build R6 for the Daedalus N64 Emulator for the PSP is released for your own downloading pleasure. Strmnnrmn has fulfilled his promise of releasing it today which was reported in our previous report about the emulator's progress.If Daedalus seems like a foreign language to you, then you're in luck because we're here to hook you up with some info. Daedalus is a Nintendo64 emulator for Windows and PSP. Daedalus is named after the craftsman at King Minos's court who designed the labyrinth for the Minotaur. The good developer mentioned in his blog the readme text that "this release of Daedalus for the PSP is currently in the very early stages of development. It is intended to show the potential for a N64 emulator on the PSP, but the current release has many missing features that make it far from usable. But Strmnnrmn believes that the following problems would be fixed in the coming versions:* There is limited savegame support.* There is no audio support.* Not all the N64 controls can be used simultaneously.* Many roms won't boot.* Many roms have serious graphical glitches.* Many roms have random lockups and crashes.* Most roms run at a low framerate.If there has been challenges, then surely there have been achievements. Here is the changelog that came from the good developer himself.Changelog:Added over 50 new combiner modesAdded support for c-buttonsLoad roms from ms0:N64 in addition to local roms directoryFixed backface culling issuesCorrectly implemented flipping to avoid flickering with certain romsPlugged memory leak in texture handling code, fixing various crashesFixed issue which caused screenshot function to hang the emulatorIf you remember from our previous reports, the developer has been working hard on fixing a handful of graphical issues such as adding combiner modes to popular roms. The bugs that have affected stability seems to be fixed, and aside from that he managed to add "a couple of nice usability improvements (in particular mapping the c buttons to the dpad, using the circle button to toggle back to the n64 dpad)."Now StrmnNrmn is on a little bit of a bind since he has not yet decided on what to concentrate for R7-- will he be focusing on speed issues, compatibility problems, graphic fixes, or usability. He just released R6 and he is now thinking of R7, wow, this guy is really something! So aside from telling us about R6, maybe you can give out your suggestions on where should the good developer focus his attention for R7. Tell it to us through your comments. For more info on the app, don't hesitate to read the readme.txt that comes with the download.
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