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Nintendo DS Sub Categories

Nintendo DS Applications (926)

Free, home made applications for the Nintendo DS platform. PC tools/applications to edit DS ROM images are found in the Utilities section. Save and ROM dumping tools should be in this section though.

Nintendo DS Cheat files (259)

Cheat code database files for all the popular flash carts. You might also want to check out this website, containing all the latest cheat code databases:

Nintendo DS Emulators (107)

Software that emulates the Nintendo DS on your computer, or emulates other systems on your DS itself!

Nintendo DS Flashcart Files (1,105)

Got a flash cart? Grab the latest software, loaders, firmware, utilities and more - right here!

Nintendo DS Game Saves (1,576)

Can't quite get 100% in that game? Take credit for someone else's work with these save game files.

Nintendo DS Games (913)

Great, entertaining hand coded games designed for play only on the Nintendo DS. These games are provided to you free of charge, they are homebrew games that developers have created and are offering to you for free!

Nintendo DS Other Files (147)

Miscellaneous files for the Nintendo DS that do not belong in any of the other categories. DLDI files can be found here.

Nintendo DS ROM hacks (301)

Stuck in a game, feel a game could use a tweak to make it better, need a translation for a game or just feel like tinkering with the game code? Grab a trainer or hack from here and crack that game right open. Tools used to make hacks and documentation of files and methods to do the same are found in the Utilities section

Nintendo DS Skins (2,364)

Give your flash cart a make over with these user-designed replacement menu skins.

Nintendo DS Utilities (303)

Helpful and interesting software for your computer that makes organising, modifying and using your Nintendo DS related files easier!

Nintendo DS

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