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Nintendo 64 ROM hacks

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Description: This hack replaces Link with Waluigi without requiring you to use the debug ROM. Update: Fixed a bug where certain...

Filesize: 20.75 MB


Downloads: 150

Description: This hack replaces Young Link with a Stalchild and Adult Link with Ganondorf. ROM / ISO Information: No-Intro Name:...

Filesize: 17.04 MB


Downloads: 144

Description: Zelda jumped from 2D sprites to 3D worlds in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64...

Filesize: 1.71 KB


Downloads: 47

Description: This is a hack for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (MQ) Debug ROM. It features all new actor arrangements, all...

Filesize: 1.01 MB


Downloads: 104

Description: This is the first phase of my ultimate version of the game with so many changes in the gameplay, altering many known...

Filesize: 2.07 MB


Downloads: 99

Description: A game play change mostly inspired by a love for the razor sword’s design, and dislike of how even the remake gave it...

Filesize: 2.15 KB


Downloads: 15

Description: This is a patch to revert all of the cosmetic changes, emulation related changes, misc bugs/glitches, and various...

Filesize: 1.19 MB


Downloads: 48

Description: A high-quality Super Mario 64 graphics, music, and text hack. ROM / ISO Information: No-Intro Name: Super Mario 64...

Filesize: 2.22 MB


Downloads: 78

Description: After some time, the first levels that were ever made on my PC were dug up and remade. (Also some of them weren’t...

Filesize: 7.14 MB


Downloads: 22

Description: After Mario saved the princess again and again and again… He finally takes a vacation with Peach on the holiday...

Filesize: 8.86 MB


Downloads: 33

Description: Mario is yet again faced with a huge challenge. This time a huge maze (With over 3000 faces!) that is extremely hard to...

Filesize: 665.97 KB


Downloads: 18

Description: Mario finds himself in the middle of a drug deal. Toad, Mario’s friend/Dealer needs help getting a very powerful drug...

Filesize: 66.02 KB


Downloads: 116

Description: Mario is faced with his most challenging adventure yet, bowser has taken the Grand Star back and protected himself with...

Filesize: 256.18 KB


Downloads: 26

Description: This hack has a great deal of levels to explore! -STORY- Once again, Bowser comes to attack Mushroom Kingdom. Mario...

Filesize: 4.03 MB


Downloads: 29

Description: This is the first released hack with the Boundary Patch (by skelux) It has 12 main courses, 3 hubs and some subcourses....

Filesize: 6.89 MB


Downloads: 19

Description: Here is a multiplayer version of Skelux’s Super Mario Star Road. Now you can play with friends online through...

Filesize: 9.38 MB


Downloads: 58

Description: A complete major sm64 hack, “Super Mario-The Power Star Journey” brings you a new adventure for Mario to enjoy!...

Filesize: 2.34 MB


Downloads: 30

Description: Super Mario 64: Kirby Edition is the first full character hack ever done in Super Mario 64. The mod is complete with a...

Filesize: 1.63 MB


Downloads: 71

Description: The Nightmare begins here… Offered on 140 stars that are waiting to be discovered by you. 24 new worlds. New upper...

Filesize: 4.79 MB


Downloads: 84

Description: Mario 74 is the 2nd full hack of Super Mario 64. This very technical hack (understand very hard) you will launch in the...

Filesize: 3.94 MB


Downloads: 59