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thanks for adding my video, nice post
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wow bro nice post
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cool videos 8)
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Information about space monkies.
The space monkey are evil monkies.
They steal your perks!
Here are some tips to stop them.


Well first off you know they are comming when,
Your screen turns red and obnoxious.
~If your perk is flashy they broke you machine.
~Protect your machine so they wont take the perk.
~Have one person camp every perk owned.
~If you dont get perks taken you will get free one.
~Ray and thunder guns kill them very easily.


actually, about the monkies. You said "you get a free perk if they don't take the perks you have" thats not true. A free perk is given if you don't let the monkies "touch" any of the perk machines, you can kill the monkey while its on your machine, and even though you save the perk you currently have, only means you "saved" the perk you have, by killing th emonkey punding on your perk machine. If any monkies "touches" ANY perk machine, even if you dont have that perk, if you open all the doors, and everyone ONLY has the juggernog, the monkies will spread out, and go for any perk machine that is accessable, e.g., they'll go to the stamina, quick revive, etc.., and once they touch that machine, you will NOT get a free perk, after killing all of the monkies. DONT LET THE MONKIES TOUCH THE MACHINES. Claymores help, and being in a position higher than them, shooting downward at them, much easier, if thats a possible position.
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I dnt understand 3 weapon glitch wat did u do u just looked at him and your gun dissapeared????
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thank you now i know how to do the glitch
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why wont the lander glitch be patched ?
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-McDade- wrotewhy wont the lander glitch be patched ?

People believe that because it hasn't been fixed in well over a month now. If they were going to fix it, they probably would have done it weeks ago.

Thats not to say that they 100% wont, it just seems unlikely at this point
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Definatly A 5 star post
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not to be rude but you should have node video and you should have a bunch more glitches id be fine if you would use my videos every glitch on ascension known i have a video on it so just stroll over to and you can post the ones your missing so yea you will definitely get more viewers for nodes and other glitches i could help you out a lot
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