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Instant Dark Matter GlitchPosted:

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Super easy

Go into create a class
Press Y/Triangle to personalise
Use DPAD to hover over locked dark matter camo
Press RB/R1 to go to zombies camos
Press A/X to add dark matter to your gun
Play a game to stick


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Nice find but when they update this most likely they will take the CAMO away so most likely this will be useless
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Nice share!
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very nice find lol
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Very cool! Thanks for this!
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IT Really worked lol
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can do it for any camo actually
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Would this work with a mastercraft from the black market?
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Awesome video! I wonder how long it will last.
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this needs patching... all the shit kids will be running around with dark matter and they cant even shoot straight (the boosters have it anyway so doesnt make a difference)
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