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What is your rank?Posted:

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Not to brag but I hit master a week ago. I'm currently master 82 legit not boosting, what is everyone else ?
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6th prestige level 27
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1st prestige level 32
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Level 55 i don't prestige
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I actually have a job so im 3rd 35
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8th 25 still enjoying the game, If i didnt work so much id be master probably haha
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I'm only 3rd Prestige Level 25.
I'm very busy outside of Gaming/TTG.
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First prestige level 49 i think, only got the game a few days ago and have a week off college & work xd
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First prestige 50 lol I played with you like a week ago and u were 6th how tf u master already
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3rd Prestige level 28, been playing other games. I'm not burned out but i can't just can't sit there and play cod by myself all day like i used to.
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