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Hello everyone!Posted:

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Hello guys, I'm back again. Haven't been on the site for a while, feels good!

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Mikey (10-28-2018), Cardz (10-28-2018), ZTG (10-28-2018), Chxsen (10-28-2018)
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Welcome back, i hope you decide to stick around
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  • Summer 2020
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Welcome back to TTG
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Welcome back to the site man.
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Welcome back to the site man, hope to see you around the forums soon.
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Welcome back to the forums, hope to see you around the forums! Enjoy
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Welcome back, check the shoutbox to get that rep up
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  • Christmas!
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Welcome back! Hopefully you stay active this time!
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Hope you stay for a while bro!
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welcome back!
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