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BO4 Best Zombies EXPPosted:

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Hello everyone! I've been figuring out the best strategy for gaining EXP in zombies and this is currently the easiest and fastest way to do it.

Solo: Knife 50 / Head 37 / Body 25 exp.
1 Bot: Knife 60 / Head 45 / Body 30 exp.
2 Bots: Knife 80 / Head 60 / Body 40 exp.
3 Bots: Knife 95 / Head 71 / Body 47 exp.

*Anything mentioned is not required but highly recommended*
Map: Blood of the Dead
Perks: Stone Cold Stronghold, Deadshot Dealer(in modifier spot), any two others.
Elixirs: Temporal Gift, Stock Option, Head Scan, any last one doesn't matter.
Specialist: Path of Sorrow(melee gives the most exp)
Weapon: Titan w Ext Mags 1&2, FMJ 1 and Oppressor

Setup a match with three bots and do the main stuff(turn on power, shield, pack a punch, etc.)
Once setup get the Titan off the wall in the Wardens House and pack a punch this 5 times for 15000 Points( the 1st initial PaP and the next four each give you 25% Damage Boost)
After you PaP your Titan, obtain all your perks head back to the Titan wall buy and camp the top of the stairs. You can manipulate the bots to stay behind you by standing against the wall buy then moving. You will steal most of there kills from here. Use the specialist as often as can since PoS counts as melee kills netting the most exp compared to the others.

For reference getting setup and completing up to round 50 took me 2 hours and 30 minutes and got me right under 600k EXP (Leveled from 6 to 37)

If anyone has any questions please comment or send me a pm ill be free to answer any questions!
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