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Here's How To Get An Xbox One X For $200 From GameStopPosted:

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The Xbox One X is likely to be in high demand this holiday season, especially with games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Forza Horizon 4 set to deliver the best graphics you'll possibly get from said machine. But, of course, there's the high cost to consider -- unless you're savvy to trade in at your local GameStop, that is.

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Our friends at Gamespot reported this deal earlier, but here's how it works:

Right now, the retailer is hosting a pretty cool trade-in deal that will pay for more than half of your Xbox One X console, depending on what you feel like trading in. The PlayStation 4 Pro is probably worth the most amount of money at the moment, because when you trade one in, you'll score $300 off the Xbox One X, bringing you down to a total of $200 plus tax. And keep in mind that works towards any of the models, including the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds bundle and the forthcoming Battlefield V bundle with the limited edition Gold Rush console, coming November 9.

If you don't have a PlayStation 4, you're not out of luck. You can trade in an Xbox One S console, a Nintendo Switch system or a PlayStation 4 regular or slim model and get $250 off your forthcoming purchase. That may not be as high as $300, but that cuts the price right in half, and that's nothing to scoff at.

Finally, if you have an original Xbox One console (from when it launched prior to the S series), you'll still get a pretty good amount of money as it's worth $200 towards and Xbox One X trade-in. That's more than the usual amount it fetches, so if you've been looking for the perfect time to upgrade, this is it.

The only catch is that the promotion will come to an end very soon. It will close up shop by the time October 28 rolls around, giving you six whole days (from when this article posts, anyway) to get your trade-ins ready. Now, keep in mind that any systems you trade in need to have all their components included, such as controller, HDMI cable, AC adapter and whatever else initially came with the system, pack-in games excepted. Those will trade in differently if you have physical packages.

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Mikey (10-23-2018)
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Sounds easy enough to be fair, to bad we don't have a GameStop in the UK
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This seems pretty cool, but I have an Xbox One from release and it would only be worth $200.
I think I'd rather take $300 and buy a switch over a Xbox One x since I'm happy with my Xbox One.
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I kinda wanted a xbox since I've been on playstation for a year or so
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I have an Xbox One, one of the first ones and a Xbox One S, I wonder if I could use both
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Does anyone know if the price off would differ depending on the gigs of the xbox one s. I go to gamestop site and click the xbox one x deal, it tells me to enter product and it says trade in value only about 100 somthing.
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thats actually not that bad. I allready have an xbox one x but maybe ill trade in my old xbox one and just get another xbox one x anyway
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i wonder if this will work in the UK at GAME
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