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Many milestones achievedPosted:

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In the last 24 hours I have achieved

600 rep
700 rep
800 rep
900 rep
1000 rep
2000 rep

Shoutbox hero
Shoutbox hero+
Blind luck

The shoutbox is pretty out of control so these aren't actually that great of an achievement anymore but I have wanted to gain 1k rep and SB hero so I've finally met that milestone.

Hoping to achieve Gold Gifter+ in the next few weeks and maybe 1k thanks this year

Thanks to people who gift gold in the shoutbox and those I have befriended

I'm on mobile so this is as good as I can do

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Grats man Hopefully can get 1k Rep soon
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Congrats man those are pretty sweet!
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Wow that was a great gif lmao
Congrats on all the milestones my dude
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Dam, 2k rep is coming soon if it keeps going like this x
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Congratulations on all your milestones bro
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Congrats on all that rep fam, now sitting at a big 3k.
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