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Blind Luck + 5k Rep - NickPosted:

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In recent events, I have been honored with something greater than love. Greater than emotions. Greater than life itself. I have been awarded the Blind Luck award.

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Now, let me tell you all the story on how I became blind.

Sitting at my desk, I tried to focus as Cent tried to get me to read him a bed time story, but I was having trouble seeing straight. I'd been suffering from a terrible migraine all day and realized I could see only a white page with a few black blobs. I told Cent who looked at me funny, that I couldn't read. After being laughed at by him and all my peers, I went to bed and I didn't think any more of it as I'd suffered from bad migraines for years. The next day, I woke up to a strange feeling. A feeling of utter darkness. I tried to open my eyes, but no light was shining through. I knew this what was happening. I couldn't see. I was Blind.

Also, in other news, I have reached 5,000 Reputation. If only I could see it...
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I would like to thank wittycalf47. He's had a rough few days on here, but he's making moves.

I would like to thank Spencer for buying me Bo4. (And every AC ever made)

I would like to thank Maze for being the great person he is and gifting me.

Also, I would like to thank maDz. Without maDz, nothing on this planet would be possible.

Thank you maDz. Always and Forever.

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Mikey (10-21-2018), Xbox (10-14-2018), Maze (10-14-2018), dah (10-14-2018), Dalm (10-14-2018), maDz (10-14-2018), Rollins (10-14-2018), gec (10-14-2018), Linx (10-14-2018)
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nice one nick
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COngrats 5k rep looks SICC

blind luuck looks like a call of duty perk
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Congrats nick. Red rep looks like the bestest everest colour
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I love you.
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Grats Bro! Keep up the Rep Grind!
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Well done welcome to the club buddy!!!
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Love you Nick
Congrats, you're so freaking AWESOME
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Congrats dude and thanks for gifting in the SB, I got blind luck cuz of you.
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Congrats on new badge and more rep
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