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Nintendo xbox or ps?Posted:

  • Winter 2017
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What is/was your favourite console.

in my opinion if this was back in the day id choose PS NFS underground on the ps2 was my life for like 5 years

but now im all about xbox not come off it since i got online. i was about 10 when i first started playing.

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Xbox (09-30-2018)
#2. Posted:
  • Summer 2018
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xbox 360 spent 7 years with that bad boy
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  • Winter 2018
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Xbox has always been my go to.
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Favorite console ever is Nintendo 64

Current most played is PS4

Love the Nintendo Switch too
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Xbox 360
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  • Summer 2019
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xbox 360, so many fun memories
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  • Christmas!
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I'm definitely a Sony guy for his generation of consoles
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Most definitely from the age of 7 to 12 it was PlayStation only, then I discovered the original Xbox and I wasn't a fan of it at all, but then shortly after I discovered the 360 and then my gaming life changed forever I will forever be an Xbox lover, not saying I don't like PlayStation because I have an Xbox 360, an Xbox One and a PS4, but my favorite by far is Xbox
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The Xbox 360 had it for about 7 years now and it's still running perfectly
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I got the xbox 360 over ps3 only because at the time it was a little cheaper. I've been an xbox fan ever since but I do still love playstation.

One of my babies
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