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Down with Brigand, 7,786 DownloadsPosted:

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At long last I've been able to catch and overtake Brigand, we've had a long battle for the most downloads added for some years now, this month I went all out to try and over take him.

I added 1,139 just this month
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I have my #1 spot back how long for I'm not sure but I told you Brigand!
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The Following 25 Users Say Thank You to Sean For This Useful Post:

Ethan (10-01-2018), Zesri (10-01-2018), Chat (10-01-2018), Jay (10-01-2018), Zexy (10-01-2018), coolbunny1234 (10-01-2018), Mark (10-01-2018), TTG (10-01-2018), Famous (10-01-2018), Arkani (09-30-2018), Brigand (09-30-2018), Dusknoir (09-30-2018), Adam (09-30-2018), oHusky (09-30-2018), r0cketz (09-30-2018), MeIo (09-30-2018), Tom (09-30-2018), Hnaknaw (09-30-2018), dah (09-30-2018), James (09-30-2018), Xbox (09-30-2018), Made (09-30-2018), Luke (09-30-2018), Rodent_Modz (09-30-2018), Craig (09-30-2018)
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Congrats thanked and repped
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Brigand when he logs on!

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My god. I never thought I'd see the day.
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My goodness that's insane! Congrats though Sean
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Congratulations Sean

Brigand will be back with revenge
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Oh boy, congrats. 1.1k in a month is insane man
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Nice! That's a crazy amount of downloads!
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Nice congrats Sean, I see you like to auto update your downloads so technically it's not a race. Kappa
See you at 10K Downloads.

tell telli to answer my god damn PM please it's a snooze fest around here. My Dev Team can't access the website his IP is blocked
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Nice one Sean!

Will be keeping an eye on the download leaderboards for brigands revenge
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