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Did yall have a curfew growing up?Posted:

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yes or no?

if so what time.

did it make you a different person?

i personally never had a curfew and never lied to my parents
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I never had a curfew but I never really abused my freedom either.
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I never had a curfew cause I would always come home and play video games so my parents didn't worry about anything
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Yeah i did, it was when the streets lights came on, even when it was daylight savings, kinda sucked but during that time i played a lot of Runescape.

Personally, i think it was for the best, i used to live the ghetto, too many close calls. Hell, even my house got sprayed down one time.
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I had to be in bed by 10pm up until 16. It was lifted after that which was good as i learned quickly the importance of sleeping at a decent time LOL
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Uhm when I was really young I did, but when I got older in secondary school I made sure I did my homework all the time etc so my mum knew I was doing my work which gave me a lot more freedom.

My brother is so bad and doesn't do his homework and doesn't inform us when he has any, he has his xbox taken off him at 9pm.
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Never had a curfew my parent's trusted me for the most part lol.
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Nah not really, never.

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Not really, if i was late and i woke up late, was my own fault and i had to get on with it. Prepared me for employment though.
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if the street lights on ment i was inside when i was younger
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