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Black ops 4 zombie leaks.Posted:

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This is for the classified map which is only avaible with the upgraded edition of the game

The Classified Loading Screen features Samantha Maxis.
The layout of Classified is similar to that of Five, however there are multiple new and updated rooms, as well as an entirely new Pack-a-Punch area.
Nearby is the first new room where a Teleporter and the 1st Perk Machine can be found.
Increased debris.
War Room
New wall-buy weapons.
2nd Perk Machine.
A large globe with red shining lights can be found on the ceiling.
An area which is locked via keypad and requires a code for entry.
New server room featuring a Mystery Box, Teleporter, and piece of a buildable Trap.
Buildable parts for the Shield, Traps, and Power Switch.
3rd Perk Machine.
Pack-a-Punch (Old)
Where the Pack-a-Punch Machine was located in Five is now a buildable part which is used to amplify the Teleporter and take you to the new Pack--Punch location which is cluttered with debris.
Alongside Hellhounds, Nova Crawlers return. Nova Gas negates player movement more than the original.
Writing can be found on the walls of Classified:
"Die to find the truth"
"Richtofen is the key"
Monitors around the map show iconic locations from the Aether storyline such as Ascension, Moon, MPD, Zombies, and Richtofen himself. TVs also show the location of the Mystery Box and sometimes an Illuminati symbol.

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