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Little knowledge of computers, need build helpPosted:

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Hi everyone, I've recently bought an analog to digital converter(Universal Audio Apollo 16) and thought my computer would be able to handle it with the addition of a Thunderbolt PCIe card. Stupid me. Because of this I need a new computer with Thunderbolt technology. My wife's brother is a gamer and builds computers so he can assist me with actually putting it together, but I am looking to build a computer that has a thunderbolt 3 port built in.

Because I wasn't expecting this added expense, and because the DACs that I bought are so freaking expensive I'm looking to do this as cheap as possible. I won't be doing any actual processing like with plug-ins or anything on the computer, my recording facility is completely analog and I do all my work on tape, I just need this computer to be able to transfer 16 WAV stems to my tape machine, and capable of recording 16 tracks back to the computer from the tape. The computer will not be connected to the internet at any point and never used as anything more than a DAW, so anything extra that doesn't pertain to that is meaningless to me.

Below I've listed the manufacturer requirements the interface specifies:

-A Windows 10 PC computer featuring available Thunderbolt 3 via USB-C is required.
-Windows 10 Anniversary Update 64-bit edition (version 1607 or higher) is required. Earlier versions of Windows are not tested or supported(I've got the windows version already)
-A qualified Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt adapter (not included) is required to connect Universal Audio Thunderbolt products to the USB-C port on the computer.
-PCIe to Thunderbolt adapters, Thunderbolt to FireWire adapters, and Thunderbolt hubs are not tested or supported and may cause unexpected behavior.
-A Quad Core i7 or better processor is recommended for optimum performance.
-2016 and later systems that have a 6th-generation Intel Skylake processor (or greater) and Thunderbolt 3 (Alpine Ridge) controller with a USB-C port are expected to be compatible.

So with that in mind can anyone help me out as most of that is foreign to me? I guess what I'm asking is giving the specifications above and my situation, as people with knowledge of computers what would you do? Thank you for any help you can give!
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