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Two purple blocks, 2k Rep.Posted:

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Due to unfortunate circumstances this will be a BASIC AF thread.

I have just gotten 2000 Rep! Two purple blocks to my families name now and we are grateful to be here at this moment, I would like to thank the academy my friends in prison on roblox, the officer with antlers and oj Simpson for getting out of prison.

Without each of those things this couldn't be possible for me to be here writing this today, thank you.

Thanks to everyone in the shoutbox as well I guess.

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RedWood (10-10-2018), XePaulio (10-10-2018), coolbunny1234 (10-01-2018), Loke (09-29-2018), Xbox (09-29-2018), dah (09-28-2018), Mikey (09-28-2018), oHusky (09-28-2018), Jimbo (09-28-2018), Chosen1ne (09-28-2018), Nick (09-28-2018), James (09-28-2018), TTG (09-28-2018), Jay (09-28-2018), Tom (09-28-2018), Lost (09-28-2018), Made (09-28-2018), TastyCereal (09-28-2018)
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lmao congrats spencer. Good luck with all your future milestones.
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Congrats, bro. Awesome last push to get the 2k rep!

That police office with the antlers is a true American hero. Let's do some granny roleplay with nick soon
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So you get 2k rep the same time Carter V releases? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Congrats man!
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congrats brother. They look sick as two purple blocks.
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Congrats fellow Canadian, remind me to get you a pack of Timbits next time we hang out.

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Good job on 2k rep you annoying son of a bitch
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Congrats man, they looks very nice i must admit!
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Congrats brother, Im working on that first purp block!
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Congratulations on getting 2 purple blocks.
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