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Where would you like to travel if you had 3000 USD?Posted:

  • Winter 2017
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The reason I think Thailand is one of the best places to travel alone is that you will meet many other travelers when you go. Thailand has some of the best beaches and food in the world, and it's a very affordable place to travel for solo travelers.

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Canada, because I have Family over there
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Maybe Florida, which would make for a great time with the extra spending money. Or Australia, higher cost ticket, but would be worth it!
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That's a bit short of a budget, but if the question would be "if you had $10,000" etc.. But that would be a short trip to US for me ^-^
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California, La is my favorite place to be.
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I'd love to go to Russia.
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TenaciousBleach wrote3000 usd isnt enough money for a travel trip tbh

Not if you're trying to spend a month lol. There is an app called skyscanner that will find you good deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars. I do a lot of traveling across the US (mainly work related) but sometimes I'll go up to Canada, down to Mexico, or out to the Bahamas. Usually on one of my personal adventures I can stay a week for right around $1000.

I've been wanting to go to Egypt to see the pyramids for a while, currently I can get a round trip ticket with 2 stops on each way for $1071 from Seattle. This would be from Oct. 13 to Oct. 24 which is too close beings that I'll still be on this job lol.

My top 2 that I want to go to are Egypt and Germany. I've thought about Russia but being 75% German or what ever and knowing a little German I'd rather go to Germany. My big hold up is the language barrier.
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Somewhere along the lines of Greece, Spain or Italy
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xeIa wroteSomewhere along the lines of Greece, Spain or Italy

I was thinking Greece would be possible
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