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since im in law school i would just want to skip it and be a lawyer

its my dream
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Being a Forex & Crypto trader isn't really a job, but its what i love doing
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I wouldn't mind being a Engine builder and machinist.
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probably something like what clarkson may and hammond do on the grand tour
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Simular to Colzeyy, I wouldn't mind presenting car shows. Gaming for a living would be decent too
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Personally I would love to be a full time streamer but realistically I would love to be a Personal Trainer.
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I'd love to be a pilot and fly huge planes to America.
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A recognised Actor. Porno that is
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I have a few Dreams. 1st would be Full-Time Self Employed not working for anyone but myself. 2nd i really love computers. So really anything that deals with computers. Most likely in the line of Linus Tech Tips. But have more stuff going on meaning investing into real estate etc
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Growing up i wanted to be a professional footballer (soccer for you US folks) but had a knee injury which was pretty bad, so i had to stop.
So next best thing was to do what my idol did. My dad. And that was roofing and guess what, I'm going onto my 5th year, my final NVQ (level 3) and i love it. Even with it's dangers.
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