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Whats your favorite place to eat at currently?Posted:

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Currently my favorite place to go eat at is Fuzzy's Taco Shop! Love getting a smothered burrito with a beer!!!

Whats your favorite place?
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i gotta say mcdonalds man, im a fat ass
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This little steak shop near where I live its called Zandy's. I swear they have the best cheese steaks in my state
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Got to be Nandos.
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Culvers. It's the best.
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The taco truck down the street at a 76 gas station.
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I don't usually go to any restaurants but if I have to I just get a quick fast food at McDonalds cause wife usually cook for me or sometimes I cook for the fam
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Fast food wise I'd gotta go with greggs, love the chicken & stake bakes but restaurant wise has to be China buffet king.
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I'd have to say this restaurant in my town called Tastee Bite. They have everything you could imagine.
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For a large group of friends I love going to a place called Cosmos as it's more of a buffet type place which has loads of different styles of food.

But firva family meal / one with my gf then a restaurant called Brooklyn Bay Diner
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