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Soaks Gold GiveawayPosted:

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Just post anything and the word yeet down below and you will be entered into this giveaway. I will be gifting 2-3 lucky members in 24 hours

Goodluck to everyone. Yeet.

The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to James For This Useful Post:

0livia (09-25-2018), XavierWulf (09-25-2018)
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The only thing worse than aids is the word... yeet.
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Yahhhhhhhh yeeeeeet
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Count me in, wouldn't hurt to have some more gold
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count me in... yeet
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Watch me whip! NOW WATCH ME YEEEET
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Thanks for the giveaway
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ill enter thanks bro!
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I'll enter I have -24 hours left of gold, thanks!
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