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What games do you plan to buy this year?Posted:

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What all games are you guys gonna buy this year? I know there's a lot coming out and Im tempted enough to buy some new ones I haven't played before

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Lood (09-23-2018)
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I have literally -$2 but if I get money I wanna get BF5, BO4, Fallout 76 and Red Dead 2. Being in college is brutal on the funds
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BF5, and Red Dead are the only games I'm getting this year and will be the only games I'll be grinding all next year.
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I am thinking to buy Spider man soon btw
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red dead 2 and assassins creed odysea are the main ones but will get fifa and tomb raider and black ops,like i do every year
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Red Dead might be the only one, plus the season 6 battle pass for fortnite.
Other than that, nothing is impressive. Bo4 sucks and anthem has a while until it's released and I'm only super hyped on that game.
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Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate
Overkill's The Walking Dead
Just Cause 4
Battlefield V (On Origin Access though so not buying it)
Ace Combat Skies Unknown
Insurgency Sandstorm

They the main ones, maybe a couple of others.

Gonna be a busy Q4
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Just red dead and forza 4, everything else is just not for me
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forza horizon 4 and fifa 19
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Just to keep up with my reputation of buying the new cod every year, probably going to get BO4
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