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Just wanted to say...Posted:

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Thank you to everyone on this site who works together as a team and helps eachother regularly. This is one of the only online communitys that's not riddled with thieves and dishonest people. Love you all x

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oHusky (09-21-2018), Hero (09-21-2018)
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thanks for the kind words, much love
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youre one of these people man! thank you!
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I was gone for 5 years and when I came back it was the same as when I left. Everyone is really awesome here!
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Nice words you have there bro, and I thank you for being a great member.
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We're okay here.
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We're just one big helpful community
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This site does actually have a really good community that I don't think any other site does
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good ol random posts but this community is toxic my guy
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Thanks for the nice words pal, it's important that everyone helps and respects each other to make this site what it is, but you do need the banter

Much love sir <3
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