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It has been a while...Posted:

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So after a long time since the last time I have even seen this site, I am back.

I know this sounds like I am someone who is known or has been on TheTechGame before, even though I am 100% sure no one remembers me.

I am just making this clarification/post to announce my return to this website in a more formal manner and hoping to meet many of you and make friends along the way. I plan on hosting gold giveaways (if those are even a thing!) and purchasing gold for myself.

Let's hope I can be more active than I have been this past 2 or 3 years not even sure when I made this account and try to get my posts per day percentage up without spam posting or irrelevantly commenting on posts I know nothing about!

Anyways, I hope to see all of you around and I hope you see me around and we can mingle and get along which may lead us to becoming friends! Yay!

Okay that is it for my post, thanks everyone.

The Following 3 Users Say Thank You to xe For This Useful Post:

oHusky (09-24-2018), Xbox (09-24-2018), Mikey (09-17-2018)
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Welcome back to the site bro hope you stay active this time
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Welcome back bro stay active and see you around
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back to TheTechGame community bro, hope you stay hella active this time.
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Hello friend and welcome to 2009-2018, The Tech Game, Ltd. i hope i see you more and more around the site
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welcome back
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Welcome back dude!
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Welcome back m8

Hope you are more active this time around.
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Welcome back bro, Ive just came back aswell after sorting my life out! Hope you stay active! Will be nice to see you around!
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