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Slow internet with rural service providerPosted:

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Hello TTG I am having issues with my internet.

I am using a service provider called "HughesNet" it's the only provider in the rural area my girlfriend and I live.. I am wondering if using something can make this faster. I sometimes use Ethernet but my internet is still too slow. The highest it goes is 1.5mb per second and only will stay there for 5-10 seconds then will stop everything immediately and 30 seconds to a minute later it will start at 200kb per second and slowly go to 1mb per second for 15 seconds before resetting again. Please help with this issue.
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You could call your ISP and ask if he could configure the settings, unless your account is limited to certain usages, mine is Max Speed, there's individual sets that are like; 2MBS, 1MBS, and so on.. if you have the account access to HughesNet website then it should be somewhere there
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I recommend speaking to your ISP, those speeds have to be below their average speeds. I'd also recommend running some ping tests on an ethernet connection to see what type of responses you're getting.

I recommend doing tests on ethernet to the according I.P address; - that's your pc you'll use, it'll tell us if there is issues with your computer. (router I.P, maybe different -- check it). It'll show if there is a drop or whatever in your internal setup.
Then google some website I.P address's and test those.

Post your results back in here as well so we can see them.
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