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Recover data from dead laptopPosted:

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My laptop recently died on me, so I've since invested in a new one

I'm interested in getting the data from my old laptop onto my new one, but how I can go about doing that, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever

Can anyone give me instructions on how to do this?

Using my limited knowledge, so far I have dismantled the old laptop and removed the SSD in there. Assuming this is where all the data is stored, I now need to get that onto my new laptop

If it helps, here is a pic of the SSD that I have removed: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

I am otherwise clueless, and what I've done so far may well be incorrect?

Any advice at all is appreciated - I'm hoping this is easy to do!
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Not one 100% sure on how to do this,

Take it to Best Buy / local computer guy (local store would likely be free) and have them transfer the wanted files

Best Buy will probably over charge and take longer
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I'd pickup a M.2 to USB adapter which you can then use to transfer your data to another laptop // PC.

Assuming the link you posted was corrected for your SSD, you need a B & M key which [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] should do just fine.
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buy a hard drive toster similar to this [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] take the hdd out of the dead laptop and put it in here, then plug the usb cable into your new laptop to read the contents of the laptop
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Replace it!

with an Archos 140 cesium laptop from ASDA for only £179!
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honestly, if you have a desktop you can open up, pop the laptop hdd inside and it will pop up as a form of storage, you can then collect your files off with ease.
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If your new laptop runs off a 2.5 inch SSD, plus has an M.2 slot that's empty, that would work, but, if your current laptop runs off of M.2, DONT swap drives, it would be pointless, and the drivers wouldn't work, my best advice would be to go on Amazon and get an M.2 to USB adapter, that's how I've always recovered data for customers when they bring me old harddrives

If your old laptop was still all together, you could fix that issue with two flashdrives, one with a portable Linux distro on it, and the other blank for backup, I'd say boot to linux through your flash drive in the BIOS, and use that to navigate into Windows folders, and then transfer what you need to the blank drive, so if you can put it back together, that might work, but if not, you might be stuck just getting the M.2 to USB adapter off of Amazon, or your preferred online store, that is... unless you have a store near you that might have such a thing

I hope this helps
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