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Help with tv qualityPosted:

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I bought a 50 inch hitatchi tv, ultra HD 4k with HDR and the quality is just not up to scratch my old tv i had which must have been around 10 years old was better, i have no idea what settings tocmess around with so any help would be good, thankyou.
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I wouldn't mess around with much, they usually have presets to chose from, I usually go with Dynamic or Cinema to get the best out of what I want...
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Try using one of the preset settings as these normally work out a lot better rather than trying to mess around with the settings manually. I normally use cinema which gives me a decent picture quality.
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As stated above, I wouldn't mess with the settings.

I would use a preset such as: movie, Dynamic, or Gaming
those are the ones I perfer and always give me the best quality
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Looking online at some reviews one does talk about the quality. The 4K HDMI port is Port Number 1. So just incase you have'nt got it in that one try it.

Also this TV is not recommended for gaming unfortunately but its not bad. The input lag is one of the cons listed on a few websites i looked through.
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Your best bet is to check online, there should be stuff on their website in which can resolve the issue that you are having!
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gotta love the 10 year old tvs ;P
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