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Just got Gold gifterPosted:

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I've just earned the Gold gifter badge!

my next milestone is to try and hit the Gold gifter + badge and get to 500 posts!

Thanks to everyone on TTG <3

The Following 12 Users Say Thank You to JMC For This Useful Post:

urBeats (09-04-2018), Craig (09-04-2018), Sakon (09-03-2018), Jimbo (09-03-2018), Federation (09-03-2018), Xbox (09-03-2018), Mikey (09-03-2018), Jay (09-03-2018), Godzooky (09-03-2018), Adam (09-03-2018), Aao (09-03-2018), dj (09-03-2018)
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Congrats currently working on it myself
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Congrats on hitting gold gifter, slowly but surely getting to it myself
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Congrats on gold gifter! Hope you reach your next milestone soon!
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Grats bro you earned it
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Welcome to the Gold Gifter club buddy.
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Congrats! I plan on being there one day.

Trying to ease myself into the community first tho
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Welcome to the gold gifter club man. Great to see people still giving back to this site.
See you at the + badge
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Congrats on the Gold Gifter Badge bro, way to give back!
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Nice badge man, welcome to the club! Congrats and more important, thank you for helping the site!
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