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back after 5 years [LOL]Posted:

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What's up everyone!! I recently appealed my ban lol.. Its been a long 5 years but i'm glad to be back and hope everyone is doing well! I doubt many of you remember or even know who I am but hopefully I can get back to knowing everyone

FYI always read the rules before posting

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Welcome back, see ya around
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Welcome back man, glad you decided to appeal your ban and remember to check the rules before it happens again. But for sure join us in the shoutbox
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Congrats on the appeal! Just did the same thing, hope to stay outta jail too lol
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Welcome back brother! GET ACTIVE
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5 years without TTG? Dang man... Rough... But welcome back and stay active!
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Better late than never huh. Welcome back, I bet it's changed a bit since you last visited huh?
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Welcome back.

It's changed a lot in the past 5 years
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Nice to see you back man, hope to see you in the SB!
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Welcome back! See you around the forums & shoutbox
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