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School Stressing Posted:

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Hey ttg i go to school on wednesday im going into year 10 stressing really bad because i have anxiety and have a problem in classes Example:Whenevr my mates or other people i dont really speak to talk about something that makes me uncomfortable and say it towards me my face always goes red and i get really embarrassed its been the same for 3 years now in school and i hate it i dont know what the solution is to stop my face going all red and getting embarrassed in front of everyone but its really stressing me out for when i start school again on wednesday. Any solutions on how to stop myself frome getting worried and getting all anxious whenever i walk into the classroom?
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I would just say you're there to learn. I graduated 2 years ago, and none of the people that were my friends during high school do I hang out with today.
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Bro just dont care what other people think i think you just think too much or get nervous even though theres no reason to be
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Confidence is key man. Surround yourself with mates that support you and have your back, and put yourself in situations that you feel comfortable with when possible.
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Just be confident in yourself you should automatically mix with people just like you it's the way school works
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I use to be the same way. Not the best idea, but a bottle of Jack should do. It will work
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