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switching from Xbox to pcPosted:

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Hello ttg community I'm not quiet sure we're this goes so if I'm in the wrong spot just post me somewhere else, so I started playing fortnite during season 3 I had played call of duty before ever since mw2 came out but nothing competitive until fortnite. So I've been playing competitively in tournaments and such on fortnite for awhile and as I consider myself pretty good, I know I could get better if the game was cleaner. One of my closes friends plays on a computer and we were playing the other day and he was talking ab horn much cleaner and smoother games play on pc so I've been wanting to switch but have no idea what I'm even looking for what I have to have or anything and directions or advice would be so much appreciate, thanks guys.
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Well first thing is first save and spend a decent amount of money on the computer parts. You don't want to buy the cheapest parts and you surely don't want to buy the most expensive unless you can afford it. I have a gaming computer and tried to play fortnite on PC but I honestly suck as PC mainly because I grew up on console. PC gaming is fun when you're good at it like I said I would love to do it I just don't have the time to commit to it, but it's simple like I said save your money then when you're ready spend the money on a good setup then you'll enjoy it hope this helped.
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You want to have a good computer with good gaming specs, a well as mouse with high dpi and a decent gaming keyboard and make sure you have a 144hz gaming monitor asus preferably.
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