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Long term effects of Caffeine ConsumptionPosted:

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Hello, I'm trying to google around and I'm sort of finding the answer.. just looking to see what you guys say.

So for the last 4 years or so I have consumed a good amount of caffeine.. some days it would be two 5 hour energy shots and a monster later on. Now its usually 2-3 16 oz monsters a day. Everyday.

I don't really get affected that much anymore. I have measured my heart rate many different times and I don't usually get to much of an increase really. So, I guess I'm not necessarily scared about like say overdosing due to me not drinking like 60 cans to get me to a deadly level.

So, what I guess I'm really looking for is long term issues? Diabetes I'm sure is the only real threat. And, I Doubt that is calculable, like say it could happen tomorrow or in 20 years from now..

I used to do caffeine pills but I think since its just straight caffeine and not all the other garbage monster has, it messed me up worse.. I would get bad headaches If I didn't take any pills. So, I usually just stick to monster and I can go a day or two and have zero issues.

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More prone to heart problems, suffer sudden heart attacks and irregular heart beats. Addiction can always increase your intake and you may not even notice it

I quit drinking monster over a year ago and I only drink about 1 can of Coca Cola a day now. Strangely I suffered from being pretty overly skinny too drinking energy drinks as it stops you from wanting to eat (fills you up) that was my experience anyway. Gained about 3 stone + since I stopped drinking them so much. I'd just quit and stick to the soft drinks tbh
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I can't speak to long term affects, but what I can tell you is caffeine is no longer giving you what you're wanting. I'm assuming that you're looking for that boost of energy but since you drink so much every day your body is immune to it. I don't drink caffeine or soda on a regular basis, if I'm low on sleep going into a long day I'll pick up a 12 oz Redbull or something but I don't drink it every day or even on any regular schedule.

When I drink it though I can smell sounds. Since my body is no longer use to caffeine, the slightest bit gets me hype.

Back in my high school years I had 0 period weight training so first thing in the morning I'm lifting weights, every morning I'd get my Redbull to wake me up. When I got out of school I started focusing on my health so I talked to my doctor and he said relying on Redbull, or anything with caffeine (energy drinks / shots, coffee, etc.) is a terrible way to wake up in the morning. When you wake up you haven't drank water in X amount of hours so you are dehydrated. By re-hydrating you will have energy, every morning I drink 2 cups of water and I'm ready to go just the same as my first days of drinking Redbull before gym.

Honestly if you're looking for the energy, slowly get off the caffeine and replace it with water. That way when you have a hard day (like actually today I got 4 hours of sleep and I'm working a double shift) you can get that energy drink and it'll give you your spidey senses.
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i been drinking caffeinated drinks for almost 16years now, only issues youll most likely get is stomach issues heart issues and many other issues, energy drinks will cause heart issues soda will cause other issues coffee wouldnt could that much issues, energy drinks is the more worst thing for your body compared to soda coffee and other caffeinated drinks, if you think youll having issues with any part of your body id recommend drinking water as a replacement to caffeine
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In general caffeine is a terrible thing to consume, especially if you consume large amounts of it. Just like any other drug, this can affect you short term by either causing heart pains or heart attacks, or long term such as heart disease. Also remember this drug affects your central nervous system, which can easily affect how much sleep you get, how well you concentrate on tasks, and your overall energy. The best way to stop is all dependent on what your body can take without that consumption of caffeine. You can try to stop all together, or ease your way out of it like drinking one can the next day, then half a can, so on and so forth. You can also try to do other things that can wake you up or allow you to have a bunch of energy, such as consuming more water, meats, or even taking cooler showers. Try to fix your diet as well, it can help you with easing out of the caffeine addiction easier.
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I have the occasional light caffeine drinks like tea and sometimes soft drinks but to be honest energy drinks/coffee give you a rush of energy then you just feel even more tired after it, then you need another one and the cycle repeats.

I find eating a good amount of calories for the day does the job.
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